Tania Bird

Wildlife Conservationist & Photographer

About Me

I am a conservationist with a passion for nature and all things living (except cockroaches in my house ;p ). 

Despite growing up in the urban jungle of London, from an early age I was hooked on the joys of the natural world. At 8 years old I was involved in a school play that revealed the plight of the Amazon Rainforest. That was my first awareness of the destruction of our environment and the need to protect and conserve the planet. At 18 I spent my gap year travelling through 19 countries in Africa and fell in love with the fantastic beauty and freedom of nature on the continent. Later during my first degree at University of Southampton, I learned exactly how fragile these natural ecosystems are, and the crisis they are currently facing due to human disturbance, pollution, ignorance and greed. 

In 2004 I returned to South Africa to study for my Masters in ecology and conservation of African Mammals at the University of Pretoria, and since then have spent several years working on conservation projects in Africa including Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, and elsewhere around the world. Visit my links page to see all the wonderful organisations I have worked with.

Along my travels I have taken many photographs always with the intention of revealing the beauty and value of nature, in the hope that I can inspire others to care for our planet and the other creatures that share it with us. I studied Wildlife film making and made a short film about Fire in Kruger and I hope to make more conservation-themed films to raise awareness. 

If you want to know more about my work and experiences take a look at my CV. Thanks for browsing!

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